The British Carbon Group ran for several years the Roger Taylor Travel Award in memory of the distinguished scientist Professor Roger Taylor (1935 – 2006), Emeritus Professor of Chemistry at the University of Sussex.  The award does not run since 2017.

Emiritus Professor Roger Taylor (1935-2006)

The award was intended as a travel grant for students and early career researchers with up to ten years postdoctoral experience to attend an important international meeting for the advancement of fullerene and related science such as the functionalisation of carbon materials including carbon nanotubes and graphene.

Professor Taylor was a keen participant in the series of biennial conferences organized by Professor Vul and colleagues in St Petersburg, formerly known as IWFAC (International Workshop on Fullerenes and Atomic Clusters), now operating as “Advanced Carbon Nanostructures” organized by the Ioffe Institute ( The award was thus to attend and present at this conference.