Iconic sites in London (Image: Wikipedia)

Due to the covid situation, the Carbon conference in London has been delayed by 12 months, and will now be held in July 2022.  Further details will be posted to the website, we apologise for the change in circumstances.

“Carbon for a Cleaner Future”

The British Carbon Group is proud to announce that the 2022 International Carbon Conference will be held at Imperial College in London, UK, in July 2022.   Further details will be available soon on the conference website

It is expected that there will be five parallel sessions, comprising presentations on all aspects of carbon science. Each session will begin with a keynote lecture and there will be additional plenary sessions from international experts. There will be a number of poster sessions, together with stands for commercial exhibitors.

Accommodation for delegates will be available on campus, but there are many hotels in South Kensington that are close to Imperial College and within walking distance. There is also a wide variety of places close to the conference centre for delegates to explore for evening meals.

We note that the “International Conference on Carbon Chemistry and Materials” being arranged in Rome in 2021 is in no way affiliated with the international carbon groups that organise the annual Carbon conference series.