Professor Francisco Rodriguez Reinoso

It is with great sadness that we announce that ‘Paco’ Francisco Rodríguez Reinoso, professor at the University of Alicante, has died in San Juan at the age of 79. A book of condolences is available for those who would like to contribute.

Much loved by professors and students, Rodríguez Reinoso’s research focused on the development of porous carbons for a wide range of technological applications, including adsorption in gaseous phases and liquid, gas separation and purification, as well as gas and energy storage. His studies on the synthesis and characterization of activated carbon are considered international benchmarks.

Also noteworthy are his experience in catalysts with carbon as support, his research on oil residues and other work with carbon applications, ranging from the automotive industry (pistons and sealing rings) to materials for extreme conditions, such as the internal wall of the future nuclear fusion reactor, the reentry of space vehicles, etc.

In 2013 he gave the “Ubbelohde Memorial Lecture” for the British Carbon Group, entitled “The uniqueness of activated carbon for gas separation and storage“, and in 2010 at the Carbon Conference in Clemson received the American Carbon Society award, being the first Spanish scientist to obtain this distinction.

In his career, which spans more than 40 years, Professor Rodríguez Reinoso has made important contributions to the understanding of the relationship between the structure, properties and applications of carbon materials.  He will be greatly missed by the Carbon community.