"Every element says something to someone (something different to each) like the mountain valleys or beaches visited in youth. One must perhaps make an exception for carbon, because it says everything to everyone." Primo Levi


Membership of The British Carbon Group is open to all those with an interest in any aspect of carbon and carbonaceous materials. Those who already are Members, Associates or Fellows of one of our sponsoring bodies (The Royal Society of Chemistry, The Institute of Physics or The Society of Chemical Industry) can automatically become members of The British Carbon Group by ticking the appropriate “box” on their annual membership renewal form, and paying a small additional fee with their subscription to cover postages etc.

Others may join as Subscribing Members on payment of an annual fee which is currently 10 pounds.

Further details may be obtained from The Honorary Treasurer, Dr. Izabela Jurewicz

All Members receive an occasional Carbon Newsletter (approximately twice per year) and also receive reduced fees for all scientific meetings sponsored or co-sponsored by the Group. There is no specific student membership, but bona fide students may apply for bursary to assist their attendance at conferences both in the UK and overseas.

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