Iconic sites in London (Image: Wikipedia)

“Carbon for a Cleaner Future”

The British Carbon Group was proud to organise the 2022 World Conference on Carbon at Imperial College in London, UK, July 3-8th 2022.   Further details will remain on the official conference website

The conference was a live event in the heart of central London’s bustling Kensington district, bringing the world carbon community back together again “in person” after a difficult few years. There were multiple parallel sessions, comprising presentations on all aspects of carbon science. Each session began with a keynote lecture and there was additional plenary sessions from international experts. There were two poster sessions, together with stands for commercial exhibitors.

Topics included

  • Environmental Carbon
  • Nanoscale Carbons
  • Carbon in Energy
  • Amorphous Carbons
  • Carbon in Biology, Medicine & Health
  • Carbon Fibres & Composites
  • Graphite
  • Physicochemical Carbon Properties
  • Diamond
  • Innovative Carbons for Sustainability
  • Heterocarbons

Accommodation for delegates was available on campus, and via hotels in South Kensington close to Imperial College and within walking distance. There was also a wide variety of places close to the conference centre for delegates to explore for evening meals, and the conference site was a “diamond’s throw” away from many of London’s most iconic landmarks, museums and galleries.  The conference banquet was held on board a boat that travelled on the River Thames.