"Every element says something to someone (something different to each) like the mountain valleys or beaches visited in youth. One must perhaps make an exception for carbon, because it says everything to everyone." Primo Levi

Officers and Committee Members


Chair: (SCI Appointed Representative) Geoff Fowler, Dept. Civil and Environmental Engineering, Imperial College London

Vice-Chair: Chris Ewels, Institute of Materials, CNRS / University of Nantes, France

Hon. Treasurer: Izabela Jurewicz, Department of Physics, Surrey University

Hon. Secretary: (IoP Appointed Representative) Peter C. Minshall, Principal Consultant, Magnox Ltd, South Gloucestershire

Communications and New Media Officer: Samantha Wilkinson, National Nuclear Laboratory, Sellafield

RSC Appointed Representative: Dr. Norman Parkyns


Committee Members:

Natalia Martsinovich, Department of Chemistry, University of Sheffield

Nassia Tzelepi, National Nuclear Laboratory, Sellafield

Suelen Barg, School of Materials, The University of Manchester

Maria-Magdalena Titirici, Department of Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London

Calvin Davidson, EDF Energy Generation, Gloucestershire


Carbon 2022 Support Team:

Gareth Neighbour, Open University

Sergey Mikhalovsky, ANAMAD Ltd and Visiting Professor at University of Southampton

Xiaoyu Han, Research Fellow, UCL

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